1. Student Projects - Students will create a picture that illustrates one of their December holiday traditions.

This project is geared for early elementary students. If you feel it is age appropriate for your students, you are welcome to join. Our school will be doing it with 2nd grade students ages 7 and 8 years old.

"December Holiday Traditions" - This could be anything that involves a December or winter holiday. I purposely have left this vague so that it could apply to a variety of cultures and countries. You could interpret this so that the child shares their individual family traditions or that the class works together to share the traditions that are unique to their community, country, or culture. Of course, you will likely need to preface this assignment with a discussion of what the word "tradition" means. One way you could organize this project would be is to have the class brainstorm a list of holiday customs or traditions and then assign each child to illustrate a custom.

"Create a Picture" - This could be done using digital drawing tools such as Kidpix or with any artistic medium (crayon, marker, construction paper) or a combination. I think our classes are going to type a sentence with a large dark font in Kidpix, print it, and then use crayons to create the picture.


Have the paper in horizontal position - the pictures will fit better into the Smilebox slideshow.
Encourage students to use lots of dark bright color - it will photograph better.
Keep text simple and dark. It will be difficult to read in the slideshow if there is too much or if it is too light. (You might want to go over the text with a black permanent marker if it is hard to read.)
Students should only put first names on their pictures.