2) Digital Images - The teacher will turn the pictures into digital images by taking photos of the pictures, scanning them, or saving as a .jpg.

Taking Photos:

Taking photos with a digital camera will be the easiest method to turn the pictures into digital images.

Suggestions to improve the quality of the images:
1. I usually set the picture on a piece of colored construction paper and then take the shot so there is a small colored border around the image.
2. Turn off the flash if you can! Use natural light. Take several shots in different locations - sometimes I get better results if I am near a window.
3. I sometimes reduce the size of the image on my camera to email/VGA size when I am doing a project where I am uploading a lot of pictures. It makes the process of uploading the pictures to the web go more quickly.


You will get a very clear image if you scan the pictures as jpgs. However, I find I usually don't have the time to do this!

Saving digital images as a .jpg:

If you use Kidpix to create your pictures, there is a command under the menu bar at the top that will allow you to export the pictures and save them as jpgs. The pictures will be beautiful and clear. If you are working off one computer this is easy to do, but if you are on multiple computers you will need to either save all the images to one drive or go to each machine to download each image to one place, like a flash drive, before you can upload them to Smilebox.

Or you could simply print the pictures and then use your digital camera to take photos of the pictures. (That's the way I've been doing it recently - much faster!)

Class Picture - It would be nice if you could include a picture of your class as a part of your slideshow!