3) Create an Account - The teacher will need to create a free account at Smilebox and download the free software to make a slideshow

Go to Smilebox to create your account.

The link above will take you to the Teacher's Toolbox Program which will give you a free premium account. This will let you create public or private slideshows without ads. The slideshows can be emailed or viewed online.

It is a little confusing to get the free account. You need to click the link that says "click here" to register for the free account AND you need to click the "Click Here to Get Started" to download the Smilebox Program. You need to use the same email when you create the account and when you register for the Teacher Toolbox. Use a school email if possible so that they know you are a teacher. It may take several days for them to update your account to the premium account. You still will be able to create a slideshow, but all features may not be active.

You will have to download the program. The program works for both PC and Mac! (note for Mac users - it integrates with iPhoto!)

Note: this program may not work on an older computer or if you have dial up internet - it seems to require a lot of "juice"!

Here is an example of a Thanksgiving slideshow that I created using 2nd grade pictures created in KidPix:

Click to play Turkeys in the Hay!
Create your own slideshow - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox slideshow

Here is another example of an Autumn slideshow that I created using student work.