4) Make a Slideshow - The teacher will make a slideshow using their project images using Smilebox.

Making a Slideshow in Smilebox is not difficult!
1. Upload your photos using the upload button.

2. Select your template - Look through the Winter (or other) design templates to find one that will hold the number of photos that you need to upload. (Note that many of the templates will only hold 1 - 3 photos.) Click on the design and it will upload it onto your screen. I found that the "Slideshow" format probably would work best, but if you find another format that works, feel free to use it.

3. Personalize:
Title Page: Change the title so we know your class, school, and location information. (Note: the font will shrink as you add more text.) Different slide shows have this located in different areas.
Slide View: There are options for viewing the slides. You may want to slow down the slide show if there is lots of text to read.
Add Slides: Use this box to add, remove, or rearrange pictures. Sometimes this step can be a little fussy because it may automatically add some images that you may not want to use. You can delete those images or drag a new picture over top of an image you don't want and it will replace the image.
Add Music: Don't forget to add music. The box to do this is on the right side.

4. Preview:
Click the preview button to check your slideshow. If you want to make further adjustments, go back to Personalize.

5. Send, Post, or Print
Click the button to send an email to yourself with a link to the slideshow. Also you will need to send or forward the email to me, so that I can link the slideshow to our wiki.

My email: kbosch@southfieldchristian.org