6) Comment - Participant classes should view at least 2 of the other school's slideshows and leave comments.

How to Manage Commenting with your Class:
If you have a interactive white board or projector you could view slideshows with the entire class. Then the class could decide on comments and the teacher could add it.

If your students are old enough to type, they could go into the computer lab and individually view some of the slideshows or view them on classroom computers. Then they could add comments. I plan to do this with our second graders as a way to teach them how to interact with others safely and politely on internet.

Commenting Guidelines:
Comments should be "nice!" I suggest using starters such as I liked..., I learned..., I think that..
If students are stuck, you may want to brainstorm a list of short phrases that students could use such as funny, cute, awesome, colorful...
Students should only use first names or initials.
Students can comment anonymously if so desired.
Try to include your location in your comment. See the example below:


Also, feel free to share your link with parents and encourage them to leave a comment.

NOTE: The default should be that comments will be turned ON for your slideshow. If you find there is no comment box for your slideshow, you will need to go to this link: http://secure.smilebox.com/myaccount/account/view . Login and it should show a list of your projects. You can turn the commenting on.

Due Date: please try to leave at least 2 comments at other slideshows by December 17, so that students will be able to view some comments before vacation. Feel free to continue adding comments at any time!