Here are the links to the completed Smilebox projects. After viewing each project, scroll down to find a place to leave a comment. You may comment as a class or individual students can leave comments. Remember that students should not leave a last name. Also, let us know what place you come from! (Try to spread the comments out between the projects so no one gets left out! Thanks!)

Southfield, Michigan - Southfield Christian School

**Mrs. Veldman's Second Grade Project

**Mrs. Fong's Second Grade Project

**Mrs. Veldman's Second Grade Project2 (WITH Madelyn!!)

York, Pennsylvania - Indian Rock Elementary

**Mrs. Dietrich's Second Grade Project

**Mrs. Mahorney's Second Grade Project

Wilmington, Delaware - St. Edmond’s Academy

**Ms. Hauck's Third Grade Project

Moose Jaw, SK Canada - Westmount School

**Mrs. Cassidy's First Grade Project

Culver City, California - Echo Horizon School

**Mrs. Henderson's and Mrs. Melnick's 2nd Grades Project

Yarmouth, Mass. - Laurence MacArthur Elementary School

**Ms. Sweeney's Second Grade Project

**Mr. Allanbrook's Second Grade Class Project

**Mrs. Huddock's Second Grade Project

Plymouth, Michigan - Plymouth Christian Academy

**Project 1 - Ages 7 - 12

**Project 2 - Ages 7 - 12

**Project 3 - Ages 7 - 12

**Project 4 - Ages 7 - 12

Collinsville, Oklahoma - Wilson Elementary/Collinsville Public Schools

**Second Grade Project: Sheila RIggs, second grade & Debbie Wolfe, Library Media Specialist

White Heath, Illinois - White Heath School - part of the Monticello School District

Miss Gladish's Second Grade Projects

**Holiday Traditions by 2Q

**Holiday Traditions by 2Co

**Holiday Traditions by 2W

**Holiday Traditions by 2Cr

**Holiday Traditions by 2F

**Holiday Traditions by 2O

Woodinville, WA - East Ridge Elementary

**Ms. Kope's First Grade Project

San Antonio, TX - Indian Creek Elementary

**Mrs. Sanchez's Second Grade Project

Paris, Illinois - Crestwood Schools

**Ms. Robinson's Second Grade Project

Tuscola, IL - North Ward Elementary School

**Mrs. Foster's 2nd Grade Project

**Mrs. Stahler's 2nd Grade Project

**Mrs. Hilgendorf's 2nd Grade Project

**Mrs Surma's 2nd Grade Project

Castle Rock, Colorado - Clear Sky Elementary

**Mrs. Yoshioka's First Grade Project

**Mrs. Sweeney's First Grade Project

**Mrs. Shefsick's First Grade Project

**Mrs. Eich's First Grade Project

Holland Patent, NY-HPE

All Three Third Grades Project

Holland Patent, NY GWF

All Three Third Grades project