Welcome to the December Holiday Tradition Project 2008

Note for December 2009: I am sorry but I am not running the December Holiday Project this year. It is being run at this website: http://www.theteacherscorner.net/collaboration-projects/december-traditions/index.php

Goal: I am hoping to connect our school with some other schools in a project where early elementary students share about their family and/or cultural traditions during the December holidays. This project is designed so that it does not require a lot of classroom time to complete and does not involve very complicated technology skills. It also will introduce teachers to Smilebox - which is a neat free tool for sharing images on the web and easily allows students and parents to leave comments.

Here is a outline of the steps of the project (click on each link to see more details or click the links in the left side bar):

1) Student Projects - Students will create a picture that illustrates one of their December holiday traditions. This project is geared for early elementary students. If you feel it is age appropriate for your students, you are welcome to join. Our school will be doing it with 2nd grade students ages 7 and 8 years old.

2) Digital Images - The teacher will turn the student pictures into digital images by taking photos of the pictures, scanning them, or saving them as a .jpg.

3) Create an Account - The teacher will need to create a free teacher account at Smilebox and download the free software to make a slideshow. (Example of a Smilebox Slideshow here.)

4) Make a Slideshow - The teacher will make a slideshow using their project images using Smilebox.

5) Share the Slideshow - The teacher will share the link to the slideshow with the other participant classes by emailing the link to me. (If you are comfortable with wikis you may add the information and link on your own.)

6) Comment- Participant classes should view at least 2 of the other school's slideshows and leave comments. You could do the watching/commenting as an entire class or have each student watch and comment individually.

Timeline: Start creating your project at any time.
Projects should be completed and submitted to me via email or posted to the wiki by December 10.
Commenting may begin any time that projects are posted to the wiki.
Try to have at least 2 comments posted to other projects by December 17. You may continue to add comments at any time! The more comments the better!

If you are interested in joining the project, please email me at kbosch@southfieldchristian.org
Please include:
Your school name
Teacher's Name
Grade/Level and/or Age of students
Location: City/State and Country

Thanks! This is the first time I am trying to lead a project like this. I appreciate your interest and participation! Let me know if you notice anything that I may have missed in the instructions. I will be updating them as needed.

Karen Bosch
Southfield Christian School
Southfield, Michigan USA